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Information for Vendors


The Spring Herb Festival has been held at the WNC Farmers Market for 18 years.  The location is at the truck shed in the Melon Area.  There are 56 covered booth spaces available for the festival which limits the number of herb businesses that can participate.  There are always more businesses interested in being part of this event than are spaces. 

The selection of businesses to participate is based on the following priorities:

* The vendors must be North Carolina herb businesses and sell only herb products at the festival.  Western North Carolina businesses are given preferences.

* The herb business that have participated over the years and have helped build this event into a major attraction are given first choice to attend.  They are notified by mail in December to register.   The first vendors to submit the form and money are registered.  If these businesses do not respond by March first, other businesses are given the opportunity to attend.

* A waiting list is available for businesses interested in the festival.  In March businesses on this list are notified of available space.  Again "it is first come, first serve."  The waiting list is maintained up to the time of the event as there usually is one vendor that must drop out at the last minute.  Those on the top of the waiting list are notified.



Guidelines and Suggestions


Booth assignments: Booth spaces assignments will be posted Thursday afternoon on the metal poles at the truck shed. We assign spaces to diversify products from one booth to the next. There are two booth spaces between the metal posts with numbers from 1-56.


Herb Products: This festival has been successful for years because we have promoted ourselves as a festival that features just herbs and herb products. Our supporters know us by our products. .herbs.


Set Up: The Market management will allow us to set up and bring plants, products, tables, displays to the on Thursday afternoon. They will still be cleaning the area and ask you not arrive before 4:00pm. In addition our liability insurance does not  become effective until 4:00pm on Thursday.


Security: The Market is open 24 hours a day and security patrols at night. We have been fortunate not to lose merchandise, but anything you leave at night is your responsibility. During the day we hire the uniformed off-duty police officers. We employ them to help with traffic but they are available for emergency situations.


Insurance: Our contract with the Farmers Market stipulates we must have liability and damage insurance. We have a one million dollar policy that covers the herb festival from Thursday at 4pm to Sunday at 6pm. Please observe these hours.


Restrictions: Liability insurance for events is expensive and companies place limits on certain activities. Food has become a liability issue; therefore, you must have a health department approval to sell food. Food must be prepared in approved locations and heated or cooled to health department regulations. Also we are restricting the use of chair massage or physical therapy at the festival.


Schedule: The festival has been a three-day event for years and we promote the hours as Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-3pm. Please be available each day during these hours as our customers will expect us there.


Parking: Parking space is always an issue. As soon as you unload your merchandise, move your vehicle to the lower parking lot. This will help with the flow of traffic and provide more parking for your paying customers.


Water: There are a few water outlets at the shed. If you have plants, you should plan to bring watering cans or a hose to keep your plants healthy.


Power: There are electric outlets located every fourth booth. You may have to bring a drop cord to reach an outlet. With plants being watered this can become a hazard so be careful about any electrical connections.


Displays: Please make your booths attractive as we have television and newspaper representatives coming to the festival. They like to take pictures of colorful and attractive booths.


Promotional materials: Bring plenty of business cards and promotional material. We get calls all year from customers who bought products at the festival and want to contact you for more.


Money: Bring plenty of change. It is amazing how many people use a twenty dollar bill to pay for a two dollar item.


Information: The Master Gardeners of Buncombe County are available to assist visitors who have questions about growing and caring for herbs. Send people with questions to the information booth .. you can’t afford to spend 30 minutes discussing why someone’s plant died last winter. If someone is looking for a plant or product you don’t have, send them to the Information Booth.


Weather: Visualize beautiful weather! It can be windy in the shed area. Bring a brick or rock to hold down flyers, displays, and materials.  It the unlikely event of a shower note that the drainage system for this structure is designed wrong. Rain water from the roof cover is funneled back through the booth space. The shed is covered but the front and back are open and the roof is high.. wind can blow rain into your space. You may want to bring a tarp to protect products.


As more information becomes available, information for vendors will be available on this page.

Let us hear from you!


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